Adjustment of visual information for visually impaired people

Filo, Nikola (2014) Adjustment of visual information for visually impaired people. Master's thesis - Graduate Programme. Grafički fakultet. [Mentor: Mandić, Lidija].


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Item Type: Master's thesis - Graduate Programme
Mentor name: Mandić, Lidija
Other mentors: Botella Juan, Guillermo and Garcia Sanchez, Carlos
Defence date: 23 September 2014
Abstract in english: Visual impairment is a common eye disease that can occurs at any age. There are five main impairments but also a lot of different subtypes of impairments. Visual impairment could happen because some kind of ill in the eye, therefore retina is damaged and eye can’t function properly. In the most cases, those impairments can be enhanced with some medical aids and nowadays scientists trying to develop medical software’s that will help even better. Technology is growing fast and it is possible to develop enhancement software that can test some low vision diseases. Software’s can show how visual impaired people see which will be shown with foveal algorithm and also tested. With that software it is understandable how to design enhancement software’s to enhance vision of visual impaired people. In this master thesis is developed edge detector similar to Canny edge detector which will filter image to binary image with edges. This thesis will also give a convolution algorithm which is primitive operation for image processing. The aim of this work is to test algorithms for image enhancement with different values in the algorithm and to test those algorithms on the different accelerators that could be used for medical aids. The results of this research can show advantages and disadvantages of equipment that is used and also can indicate how to approach in the future work. This paper would provide general understanding of low vision and an overview of low vision enhancement approaches that could be still researched in the future.
Keywords in english: visually impaired, retina, enhancement algorithm, edge detector, hardware implementation
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCES > Graphic Technology
Institution: Grafički fakultet
City: Zagreb
Number of Pages: 69
Callnumber: man 2014 fil
Inventory number: DB352
Depositing User: Antonia Grgurović
Status: Unpublished
Date Deposited: 25 Sep 2014 12:04
Last Modified: 25 Sep 2014 12:04

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