Light painting photography and its application in visual (video) media

Turčić, Petra (2015) Light painting photography and its application in visual (video) media. Master's thesis - Graduate Programme. Grafički fakultet. [Mentor: Mikota, Miroslav].


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Item Type: Master's thesis - Graduate Programme
Mentor name: Mikota, Miroslav
Thesis Committee: Žiljak Stanimirović, Ivana and Mikota, Miroslav and Mrvac, Nikola
Defence date: 7 October 2015
Abstract in english: This graduate thesis presents and displays light painting technique and also shows it's application through video media. Theoretical part of this thesis describes DSLR camera, presents history, components and settings, highlighting exact settings for ligh painting technique of photography. RGB colour model is also presented as it is the model in which DSLR camera works and those tree colours (red, green and blue) are very important part of a conceptual framework. Defined are techniques of light painting (moving the object that is photographed, moving the camere while the object stands still) and additional equipment necessary for realisation of these photographs (photographical stand, different sources of light like fire,LED lamps,sparklers etc.). In theoretical part the video is presented as a part of multimedia. Named are some of the most famous softwares for creating videos,among which is Adobe Premiere Pro, the software in which the practical part of this thesis is created. Practical part of this seminar consists of personally made photographs presented through video media. That video presentation is accompanied with musical background. Each of the individual photography can be obsereved as individual artistic work and as conceptual story with theme and motives. Theme of this video presentation is expressed through the titile: 'Power of Light''.
Keywords in english: DSLR camera, light painting, settings, equipment, video media, photography, theme, motives, title
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCES > Graphic Technology
Institution: Grafički fakultet
City: Zagreb
Number of Pages: 31
Callnumber: mik 2015 tur
Inventory number: DB504
Depositing User: Elizabeta Rybak Budić
Status: Unpublished
Date Deposited: 19 Oct 2015 12:03
Last Modified: 19 Oct 2015 12:03

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